Service provider
All products purchased in our online shop are delivered in protective packaging bu UPS.
If UPS do not offer standard service in your area you will be informed about other options of delivery.

Cost of delivery
We are shipping worldwide and the most popular countries are listed below.
If your country is not listed, please contact us and we will get back to you with information about cost of shipping.

Australia - from Euro 36.00

Austria - free shipping

Belgium - free shipping

Canada - from Euro 43.00

China - from Euro 36.00

Czech Republic - free shipping

Denmark - free shipping

England - free shipping

Finland - free shipping

France - free shipping

Germany - free shipping

Italy - free shipping

Japan - from Euro 36.00

Netherlands - free shipping

Norway - from Euro 36.00

Poland - free shipping

Portugal - free shipping

Russia - from Euro 36.00

Scotland - free shipping

Slovakia - free shipping

Spain - free shipping

Sweden - free shipping

Switzerland - from Euro 36.00

Ukraine - from Euro 36.00

United Kingdom - free shipping

United States - from Euro 43.00

Please note that in some regions delivery by UPS on standard terms and price is not possible and if such situation occur you will be informed by our Customer Service.

Additional instructions of delivery
If additional instructions are needed (eg: leave the parcel in stable) please provide them during the process of order or via e-mail.
Please note that every instruction from our customers is given to the UPS, however not every instruction can be met due to terms and conditions of UPS service.

Cost of return/exchange of the article
The cost of return or exchange of articles bought in our online shop depend of the situation:
a) If return or exchange is due to customer fault (eg: order of wrong size or color) then whole cost of return/exchange is on the side of the customer.
b) If return/exchange is due to company (Passion) fault (eg: wrong execution of order) then the whole cost of return/exchange/refund is on the side of the company.
Please note that the cost of return is not always equal with the cost of delivery and may vary.

IMPORTANT! Due to customs procedures return/exchange article must be send with use of UPS company, in other case return/exchange won't be accepted.

Shipping information
Information about shipping and tracking code will be sent to the e-mail address given during order process as soon as UPS will pick up the parcel from the company.