The history our company dates back to 1980 when as a small family business from Pyzdry (Poland) we were producing shirts and pants for local market.

Even in those times the main goal was to provide quality that we as a customers would like to expect. After political changes in Poland in nineties as it happens in life - one meeting have changed the whole history of our company!

We became co-producer of breeches for RTS Sportline GmbH and in 1994 we were the only producers of breeches and jodhpurs for this brand. For over 15 years of production of BENTEX breeches we gain vast experience, we have created many improvements and we started working on our own collection. In 2009 when RTS Sportline GmbH officially announced bankruptcy it became clear that this is our "now or never" time.

The first pair of Passion breeches have been sold in october 2009. It was very touching moment for our whole team, after so many years we came back to our main goal - let's do it as if we were doing it for ourselves! Thanks to our hard work and patented SKINETIC® seat as a relatively young brand we have reached very demanding markets like Germany, Denmark and Japan. In 2011 we decided to introduce made to measure service, which is now completed within 5 days and none of mass producers can offer that.

From 2012 we offer our products in shops in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

What are our plans and dreams for nearest future?
We want to make sure that every rider who loves quality and need perfect grip in the saddle will find it in our company.